5 reasons being single is super crazy amazing.

Something I’ve established in the last month or so, is how good being single is.
Here is why.
1 – Train romance
What’s better than making a bit of awkward eye contact or someone’s hand accidentally firmly grasping your behind because the train is so packed?
Nothing. It’s mysterious and endearing all at the same time. And occasionally you come across a seriously attractive human and you have approximately 14 minutes to pretend to stare out the window but really look at them. What’s better?

2 – Noticing when you, yourself, are being a total twat.
I myself in a relationship would flip out at any problem with any person other than my significant other because I did not have an ounce of energy to give to another person.
You also think everyone else is being a dick when they’re really not. This is because your significant other is so lovey dovey and doesn’t have to be the other person having a conversation with you, when all you talk about is your significant other.
Which brings me nicely onto my next point.

3 – Conversations which do not involve
“He sent me the cutest selfie today”
“Oh my god, watch this video of – ”
“Hey do you reckon I should send him this?”
“I had the BEST sex last night” (This one especially when you yourself haven’t had good sex in… 5 months. what)
This actually benefits your social circle more than anything.
And you are probably a perpetrator of using every one of those points in one single conversation. It should be limited to one a week.
Talk about current affairs. Or anything, hell go crazy.

4 – Family value.
You know those people you grew up with and got you where you are today? Loved you unconditionally and through your tantrums?
Yeah those.

5 – cuddle pillows.
Both of my ex boyfriends used to get a bit annoyed when I’d cuddle my pillow instead of them.
a) In summer, even warmer winter nights, I do not need someone else’s body heat, THANKS.
b) I can roll all over my cuddle pillow, put me knee any damn where and not worry about the lack of children I will have because I just curled up.
c) They don’t snore or move or fidget (I’m a TERRIBLE fidgeter, as if I need another one)
d) You’ll never catch them staring at you when you wake up. As nice as it is sometimes, the last thing I want to hear after a deep slumber is “You are so beautiful in the morning” and not knowing if it’s sarcastic or what.
e) There’s no wind slips.
The number of times I’ve woken up from my boyfriend’s flatulence. No.
f) There’s no one to judge you when you have an extra 20 in bed instead of taking a shower before work. sue me I’m disgusting.



You probably shouldn’t take these too seriously but if you do find yourself being that friend that only cares about your significant other, change something, it is so annoying.



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