Week 7.2

IMG_4720 IMG_4709 IMG_4675 IMG_4609 IMG_4492 IMG_4376 IMG_4338I’ve been here one week short of 2 months now, woop!
I am feeling like this is my home but I’m very good at adjusting anyway so I considered it home from the minute I arrived here, knowing I was here permanently.
It’s been a rollercoaster for sure. The first 5/6 weeks were easy but as soon as my Birthday and Christmas and Now New Year (Occasions which I’ve always, without fail spent with my mum and dad always, and almost always my Aunt and Cousins) things got stupidly difficult. I haven’t been crazy emotional since I’ve been here, I’ve taken one step at a time and just enjoyed soaking it all in and I have loved every minute of it, but this holiday season has tested me on a whole new level. Although I am with my family here, it’s still really different and difficult not having my traditions over in the UK. I’m glad the first one’s out the way though, my folks are flying here for my 21st and christmas in 2014 so I’m stoked!
The other thing I’m finding profusely difficult is not being able to work – My bridging visa comes in February, which I can work and study on, until then I’m on a tourist visa and literally can’t do anything (Don’t worry, only a small part of me is complaining about this extremely long free holiday I’m getting!) – So I’m really looking forward to being able to start working and studying in Feb.

My Nephew is almost 6 Months old which is mental, does not feel like half a year since he was born! And if nothing else, I never realised how much I can love something/someone after them only being actively in my life for just under 2 months!
Harry is the absolute light of my life, he’s such a cutie. The happiest baby you’ll ever meet, I am so besotted (And put off having my own, for a long, long, long, long, long, LOOONG time)

Other than that I’ve been going for walks, there’s a cool part of my local beach which is a dog beach, so every now and then I see something mind numbingly adorable and have to cuddle it for a while.

My brother in law’s work had a christmas party on the Swan River and they hired a petting zoo with it, I’ve genuinely always always always wanted to hold a chick and I finally got to, I was so stoked my feelings were all over the place haha!
The piglet wasn’t as cute, it was ferrel and stinky. The hair was so coarse and he was a wriggly little bastard. But I still get to say I held one!

I’ve also played ‘Beer Pong’ on two separate occasions now. On both occasions I have lost, equalling a grand total of 5 games lost which has left me with a very sore head the next day. I’m also too delicate for beer so tend to go for the vodka/gin options.

So that’s about all my mind can come up with regarding the last 2 months. I’m having the best time here with my Dad and sister etc. Very very very happy.


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