Two Thousand And Thirteen

IMG_4720 IMG_4650 IMG_4615 IMG_4478 IMG_4465 IMG_4170 IMG_4181 IMG_4244 IMG_4252 IMG_4361 IMG_4171 IMG_4168 IMG_4157 IMG_4156 IMG_4154 IMG_4056 IMG_4077 IMG_4078 IMG_4132 IMG_4143 IMG_4048 IMG_3930 IMG_4076 IMG_3924 IMG_3800 IMG_3959 IMG_3764 IMG_4046 IMG_4048 IMG_4056 IMG_3949 IMG_3780 IMG_3930Well what a crazy year that was!
2013 was incredible for me. I went to Disney Land with a best friend, Finished college with an awesome mark, My Nephew Harry was born, my friends made me inexplicably proud by playing reading and Leeds’ mainstage, I had a crazy good relationship, met some wonderful people and then moved to Australia to begin my life here – Then I turned 20! (Tumbleweed)
There of course have been downs but what’s the point in dwelling on those?!
I made a promise to myself to make 2013 a good year for me and I think it’s been the best year yet. Obviously I didn’t make half of the above happen, they just did, but I tried harder than ever before and got a hell of a lot of a pay back for that.
I enter 2014 with an open mind and a lot of drive, a lot of love in my heart and with the best friends and family I could ask for. Here’s to the next 367 days, being just as good and even better than the last year. I start the rest of my life in 2014, the next chapter is officially… still unwritten but you know, every day’s a new paragraph etc.
I’m the happiest I have been for a very long time – I do get homesick and at the moment especially. I’m not going to have a new years kiss this year – My best friend Lauren’s been my midnight kiss for forever so I’m totally lost.

So I’ll raise my champagne flute to the rest of you and thank you for a WONDERFUL year, here’s to the next, I hope it’s amazing for all my loved ones.ImageImage


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